Beautiful Feet

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things, who proclaims salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns!” Isaiah 52:7

When you picture the feet that deliver the Good News, you may see calloused heals in dusty sandals, the soles of ASAP missionaries trekking into mountainous villages of Vietnam. This IS part of the picture, however, other forms of beautiful “feet”, such as TV, radio, the internet, and DVDs are also reaching the people today, hence greater progress than ever before. Just this month, new work started in three areas of one region. In another part of Vietnam, we have 20 new workers who are entering unreached territory! Truly, the people of Vietnam are personally experiencing “the salvation of our God.”

New DVD Set Opens Government Doors

A government official contacted our leaders and praised the series of DVDs that ASAP missionaries and believers distributed to the public during the holidays. His response amazed us since DVD distribution is illegal in Vietnam. The DVD titles reveal their practicality: 1) Why Should I Believe in Jesus?, 2) Family Happiness, 3) Marriage According to God's Will. The official said, “These helpful DVDS are good for the community and for us government officials.” Pastor Isaiah writes, “The authorities in another area that harassed the house-churches severely in 2012 and even shut two house-churches down, completely changed after the distribution of these three DVDs.” Now they allow the people to worship freely and even help us distribute these DVDs to the public! Thank you to all of you who contribute to and pray for DVD evangelism!

Blessed are They Who Mourn

On the outside, life looked great for Mrs. Huong and her husband, who run a successful business and are respected in the community. But if you went behind closed doors, you would discover brokenness, emptiness, and heartache. Mrs. Huong often cried herself to sleep because her rebellious children were addicted to drugs and involved in gang activities.
One day Mrs. Huong received a DVD from someone on the street. She took it home and put it into the DVD player, but it did not play, though she tried several times, so she left it there forgetting all about it. Weeks later, she learned that her children had stolen the family moped and other things from their home to sell in order to buy drugs. Life and hope drained out of her as she crumpled into a heap on the floor, weeping. By accident, her shoulder bumped the cabinet which housed the DVD player. It started to vibrate and then played the forgotten DVD, which was Pastor Isah Young’s sermon, “Blessed are They Who Mourn.” She could not believe her ears. She sat there in awe as her empty heart soaked up each life-giving word. After her husband returned home, she asked him to watch the DVD with her. They both decided to contact our house-church in the area and have joined a Bible study group and Sabbath worship. She now shares the DVD that wouldn’t play, among others, with everyone she meets and tells them her testimony of how Jesus understands and healed her family. 

An Unlikely Partnership

Pastor Isah Young shares about an amazing partnership God ordained which will help reach Vietnamese here in North America with the truth in God’s Word. 

A worker at a TV network who knew about my local “weekends only” TV program put me in touch with the president of the network. This is the largest, most respected Vietnamese network outside of Vietnam. When I called and introduced myself he said, “I know your theology. I follow you on your website and I believe that you have a solid, Biblical-based message!” I made an appointment immediately to see him. God led in our conversation and by the end, he offered to remove other programs and put me on the air during prime time, six days a week. It will be on three satellites in North America. I made sure he understood that I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian and I knew he was part of a different denomination. In response, he just shook my hand and said, “You are my brother”.

The total cost for one year is $45,000. My local church pledged $15,000. Please join me in praying for the $30,000 still needed.

I began airing the programs on May 1, 2013 and by God’s grace, I am recording programs every day. Though I was nervous about the time commitment at first, I praise the Lord for giving me strength for the daily recordings. For the last four years, I have been praying that God’s ministry to the Vietnamese in North America and all over would swell. I feel the power of the Holy Spirit working through this opportunity and I see the guidance of the Lord in giving me wisdom for the technical aspects, too. I need intercessors for this ministry. Please pray consistently and fervently because this is a great undertaking for God.

Do You Have Vietnamese Friends? Invite them to Watch …

Monday through Saturday, 8:30 – 9:00 p.m. on Dish network, the Galaxy 19 satellite, and the Verizon Fios satellite.

Missionary Mothers

A seventy-year old Buddhist lady named Pham picked up a DVD at the market one morning. She took it home and watched it over and over again. The words fed her soul. She could hardly wait to share it with her family so she made a trip to a big city and called all her children and grandchildren together. Two of her middle aged sons are high level police officials, and the other two are high level government bankers. They humored her and watched the DVD in its entirety. None of the family objected to the message and even said they wanted to study more about this church. A Vietnamese mother in Switzerland listened to Pastor Isah’s sermons on YouTube. She also urged her family to watch it with her. Now all the family worship together on Sabbath and are on fire for Christ. Pray that they, along with thousands of other individuals learning truth through DVDs and the internet, will say YES to Jesus and worship in Spirit and in Truth!

A Chance for you to Get Your Feet Wet!

We are seeing God move in Vietnam and around the world as Vietnamese people learn of their loving Savior through media and missionaries. Vietnam is like a desert and the spiritual resources and missionaries ASAP donors support are like an oasis for spiritually-thirsty people. Join us in praying for Pastor Isah Young and the missionaries’ beautiful feet. Pray for the media ministry to continue to grow for the people of Vietnam. Consider helping with the opportunities below!

Support the Peace & Happiness Media Ministry
$25,000 needed per year for Production costs

One in a Million - Vietnamese DVD Evangelism
$1 for 4 DVDs 
$45/DVD Player and Sermon Set

Sponsor a Church Planter
Provide a stipend for an ASAP Church Planter in Vietnam

Support the Vietnamese Online Bible College
$10,000 needed per year to keep this project going