Give the Gift of Hope

Their Journey to Hope and Healing Begins with You!

Share the comfort of God's Word with hurting children this holiday season!

Decades of ethnic violence have displaced hundreds of thousands of the Karen people in Myanmar, leaving behind a legacy of trauma and despair. Generations of Karen children have grown up fleeing from place to place or seeking refuge in temporary camps in the dangerous "No-Man's Land" region on the border between Thailand and Myanmar. With limited access to higher education and employment, many engage in at-risk behaviors. Drug and alchohol abuse are prevalent, and suicide rates in some camps are as high as three times the global average. 

ASAP Ministries supports 20 schools serving more than 1,500 displaced Karen children in Myanmar and Thailand. This holiday season, we're sharing the comfort of God's Word with them through special stuffed animals equipped with solar-powered audio players that we will program with Bible stories, songs, memory verses, and lessons from our Growing Safe curriculum in the Karen language. Help us raise $50,000 this holiday season to put one in the hands of every child in our Karen schools.

These precious children have suffered unimaginable hardships and trauma. But when you give to this project, their journey to hope and healing begins with you!

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