ARME Bible Camp

ASAP Ministries is excited to partner with ARME in God’s final great mission.

This excellent event has propelled many individuals into powerful witnesses for God.   

ARME is made up of two words put together: ARM + ME. Their goal is to help Christians take up their spiritual armor (Eph. 6:10-18) and to stand strong and fortified in Christ as they learn to rightly divide the Word of truth. As they do this, they will develop a deeper and deeper walk with Christ which leads to daily revival and reformation.

Their motto is “Forward on our knees with Bible in arms!”

They are following God’s model to Biblical revival, and God is using them in a powerful way! I encourage you to come and experience for yourself what God is doing at ARME! --Paul Ratsara, President of Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

Read Elder Ratsara’s full endorsement and others’ experiences

ARME is for children too! Our director Julia O’Carey is one of the trainers. Check out Heir Forces.  

Plan on joining us at the next ARME Bible Camp.