Reach the World Next Door

This cross-cultural ministry training kit will help you care for refugees, befriend international students, and share Christ with immigrants. 

The DVD presentations, small group activities, and in-field experiences will quickly empower you and your church to help finish the Great Commission starting right next door.

Watch the promo Reach the World Next Door then go make disciples of every nation!  Equip yourself to reach your international neighbor by listening to the trainings by Griswold and Casper at GYC.

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Reach the World Next Door's training kit will help you know how to make close friends with anyone of a different ethnic group. It promotes active compassion for the real needs of new arrivals. One section teaches how to share Biblical truths with Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, and Muslims. Another section shows how to work through conflicts that arises out of cultural differences. It presents various financial and organizational models that conferences and churches can use to begin new ethnic church plants.

Some of the ideas in the kit can be viewed at It was created through a partnership between the North American Division and ASAP Ministries.

View a presentation about the training kit at