Church Planters

When you sponsor an ASAP church planter, you will help one of God’s workers multiply disciples in his or her community.  

At ASAP Ministries, our church planters are working hard through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to reach out to Buddhists, animists, Muslims, and other religions. Their mission is to strengthen and grow existing church groups, as well as plant new church groups in unreached areas. By sponsoring a church planter, you can help spread the good news of Jesus to the poor, persecuted, refugees, and unreached.

Before you choose to sponsor an ASAP church planter, we ask that you make a commitment to at least one year of support. Since the countries where ASAP works differ economically and socially, the monthly stipends for church planters also vary. It costs between $100 and $160 a month to support one of these workers, depending on the country.

Where Your Donation Goes:

  • At ASAP Ministries, we believe that everyone should be given the chance to learn about Jesus. Your donation helps our missionaries spread the gospel of Jesus through preaching (church planters), healing (medical missionaries), and teaching (teachers). Your gift goes towards the stipend fund which is used by the local Adventist mission to pay your sponsored missionary.
  • 100% of your donation goes toward the project you specify. In the case of missionary sponsorship, the project is the stipend fund for the country and job category of your sponsored missionary.
  • No money is given directly to your sponsored missionary or their family.  Your missionary is paid a set amount on a regular basis by the local mission from the stipend fund. The donation amount for sponsorship matches the stipend of your sponsored missionary.

What You Can Expect From Sponsorship:

  • Once your initial donation is received with a yearly pledge, you will receive a prayer card with information and pictures of your chosen missionary.
  • You will also receive an update on your missionary’s progress once a year with new pictures so long as your donations remain current.  You will see how your donations and prayers make a difference in the lives of the poor, persecuted, refugees, and unreached.
  • Due to the language barrier, among other reasons, we unfortunately cannot facilitate direct communication between sponsors and the missionaries they sponsor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can ASAP missionaries have multiple sponsors?

Each missionary has only one sponsor. That sponsor may be an individual, family, or organization such as a church, school, or business.

Q: How long does missionary sponsorship last?

We ask that you commit to sponsoring for at least one year, but your sponsorship may last as long as you choose.* Our missionaries often work with ASAP for many years in the same location and you are welcome to continue sponsoring them. If your sponsored worker resigns for any reason, you will be notified and provided with a replacement missionary so long as your donations are current.

Q: How do I discontinue my sponsorship?

Sponsorship can be discontinued at any time by calling ASAP Ministries at (269) 471-3026 or by emailing ASAP Sponsorship Coordinator Ellainna Hart at with your request.

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. A receipt with a record of your giving will be mailed after you make a donation. You will also receive a cumulative year-end receipt.

Q: Can I share pictures and stories from my sponsored missionary on social media?

Since many of ASAP’s missionaries work in dangerous locations, we ask that you do not share their information online without prior approval from ASAP.


*ASAP Ministries reserves the right to discontinue your sponsorship at any time for reasons including but not limited to the following: Use of materials provided by ASAP in a manner inconsistent with our mission or to promote your own business or organization. While we appreciate your support and encourage you to share our videos and stories with others, we request that you do not use your sponsored worker in any promotional materials to advertise for third party projects/organizations without our consent.

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