Gospel Advances in Vietnam


How would you like to bump along on a motorcycle hour after hour? How would you like to itch from bedbugs on a different bed night after night? More than all that, how would like to have policeman hassle you for witnessing day after day? This is the constant experience of a Vietnamese pastoral couple that ASAP readers have frequently heard about. Than Ban Bai* and Nguyen Thi Dung* continue to travel all over a large region of Vietnam spreading the good news.

Here’s a very small summary of a recent report primarily from newly entered areas:

DISTRICT #1: One ASAP Church Planter has been sharing the truth of the Adventist message with a Sunday Church. Eighteen large families that total more than 100 people have been converted and are now worshiping on the seventh day Sabbath.

DISTRICT #2: We have been visiting and giving Bible studies to ethnic people of the San Riu tribe. There are 12 families of about 70 people who we are giving Bible studies to.

DISTRICT #3: Hmong people are eagerly studying the Bible with us in this area. We have ten families there with about 50 people which includes their leader.

DISTRICT #4: We are actively evangelizing this unreached district. Youth evangelists pass out DVDs every day. The people are so open to receiving the DVDs and publications in this area. We are planting seeds of truth as we talk to the people of the unreached tribes here. Even the village chief is studying with us!

DISTRICT #5: In this province we are studying the Bible with Binh*, the leader of a Sunday church of seven families, 40 people. They now believe the Adventist truth and preparing to be baptized.

DISTRICT #6: We now have 13 people worshipping on the Sabbath. They speak the language of Tay and are eager to learn the truth of the everlasting gospel.

DISTRICT #7: We are studying the Bible with four leaders of Sunday Churches in this area. There are a lot of Sunday Church members in this area. who are open. It’s just a matter of time before there is a big reaping here!

Read further to hear testimonies from two believers in Vietnam:

Testimony by Thien Tran Do*

It was about two years ago when my great uncle passed away. During his funeral someone gave my family several DVDs. This person talked about Jesus Christ and His gift of eternal life. He said God gives us a future beyond the certainty of death. We received the DVDs and thanked him for his condolences.

After that I was busy with final tests at my college. When my tests were finished I had time to relax. My mother then played the DVDs we received at the funeral. I have never had any personal interest in religion. All I have learned from school was evolution, literature, and the writings of Karl Marx. However, when my mother turned on the DVD player the house filled with the sound of preaching and it caught my attention. I then walked toward the TV screen and watched the preacher. I stood in front of the TV screen for 15 minutes, completely motionless and lost to my surroundings. My mind became full of new light. Something woke up the spiritual dimension of my mind. I felt full of happiness. His sermon was about “Authentic Repentance.” I felt the love of God for mankind and for me personally. From that moment I began to believe in the Lord Jesus. The Word of God and the Holy Spirit convicted my heart that He is the greatest God and the everlasting treasure from heaven.

I then began to watch all the DVDs that we received from Peace & Happiness Radio. The Word of God and the Holy Spirit changed my life completely. I also received new strength to overcome temptations.

My mother also believed in the Lord Jesus. She and I then began giving these DVDs to our family’s members, our relatives, and friends. My father and my sisters became believers and we have many relatives and friends who are interested in having Bible studies. We are praying to start a house-church in my location. However, my house is in a unique setting with the police station and police officers’ houses surrounding it. Any gathering is noticed immediately by the police. We are praying to start the home-church in another location.

Please pray for the need for millions of DVDs that can be used to evangelize the Vietnamese people everywhere. We are so thankful for the sacrifice of God’s people in other countries to help us to produce more DVDs.

Testimony by Y Nhon*

One day, someone stopped by my house and offered me two DVDS with the titles: “Blessed are the Merciful” and “God’s True Church.” I thanked that person and took the DVDs to watch right away. My family and I watched the DVDs several times.

The more we watched and listened, the more we felt like a river was flowing into our souls. We realized that we have been in the desert for so long. We felt that we had found what we have been looking for. We then began to talk to other friends in the village about the DVDs. My church leaders and friends warned us. They said, “Be careful with those DVDs. They have evil magic in them. Don’t watch them.”

The more we watched and listened, the more we felt like a river was flowing into our souls.

My family and I continued to quietly watch those two DVDs again and again. We asked God if this was the right way. We said, “Please guide and lead us and separate us from the two DVDs if this is not truth.”

I contacted the phone number on those two DVDs and asked the pastor of Peace & Happiness Ministry to give us more DVDs. We then continued to quietly study the Bible, comparing the preaching on the DVDs with the Bible. One day I had a feeling that enough was enough. I could not ignore God’s truth any longer. After six years of studying God’s word through the DVDs my heart was melted by the truth of the His Word as shown on Peace & Happiness Ministry. The Holy Spirit led my family and me to join God’s Sabbath-keeping church.

I made that decision for myself first, then I talked to my wife, my children, my sisters, my brothers, my mother. Our whole family is now Sabbath-keeping Adventists. We praise the Lord and give thanks to Him for His compassion to our family. We are continuing to share God’s Word through these DVDs with our friends.

*Names are changed and photos are blurred to protect the safety of God's workers.