Healing Through Surrender

Mr. Sern, an owner of a construction company in Vietnam, readily accepted a DVD of Pastor Isah Young preaching. Being Catholic, he was eager to learn more about the Bible. He liked what he saw and immediately called the number on the DVD to request more DVDs. His Buddhist wife, however, showed no interest in the DVDs until she started seeing changes in her husband. He became healthier, happier, and more loving and patient. She started watching the DVDs each night with him. The Holy Spirit worked on her heart, slowly chipping away the hardness of sin until she too fell in love with Jesus as her Savior.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Sern began taking Bible studies with me and an ASAP lay pastor. After we taught them about the importance of obeying the commandments of God, a strange thing happened. Three nights in a row Mr. Sern felt like he was being choked to death when he lay down on his bed. He and his wife prayed together and were impressed that they needed to get rid of their idols, Buddha and Mother Mary, in order to fully obey and worship God alone. Immediately afterward they did that they sensed a peace in their hearts and home and felt closer to each other and to the Lord. Mr. Sern has not experienced the sensation of being choked again. Now this couple is preparing to be baptized. Please pray for them and other new believers who are learning to obey God with their whole hearts.