Sister Nguyen’s Vision

During the 2011 training for our Vietnamese national workers, we had a season of prayer for those who were sick or for those who were going through severe struggles and in need of special prayer. When the appeal was made for special prayer, the first individual who responded was Brother Ha, who had suffered from a stroke and could not use half of his body. After a season of special prayer, we were amazed to hear the following story from Sister Nga Nguyen*, one of our ASAP lay pastors:

Brother Ha first suffered a stroke in 2005. He had typical symptoms like loss of speech, memory loss, and the right side of his body was paralyzed. His condition was very bad. If he wanted to move his right hand to the left side, he would have to use his left hand to pick up his right hand and lay it on his lap.

Last year in April 2010, I started witnessing to him. And then again in August I witnessed again.  However, it was not until November that he said that he believed [in Jesus Christ] and began studying the Bible. We had to teach him the Bible for at least six months before we could accept him as a member through baptism. He and his wife were baptized at the end of March 2011.
After baptism, Brother Ha shared with me that he needed prayer. He had a desire to share God’s message with others. This was difficult because of the stroke. He asked for prayer that he would be able to speak fluently. He also requested to have a good memory so he can have the knowledge of the Bible and share in his work place. He has a big heart for the Lord’s work.

Before the training this year, when I was kneeling in prayer, the Lord gave me a vision. In the vision I saw Brother Ha. I saw him sitting in a chair and at that time there were many people surrounding him to pray for him. And while we were all praying for him, there was a light that came straight down on him. As the bright column of light came down on him, I felt that the Lord had healed him. And so I asked the Lord if this was really a vision that he gave to me. If it was, then I would feel comfortable sharing this with others.
So the next day on Sabbath, I saw Brother Ha and his wife, and shared with them that I had a vision of seeing him sitting in a chair and that a bright light came down upon him and that the Lord would heal him of his sickness. I wanted to get the church members to surround him and have special prayer for him. But the church members did not believe me and would not gather around to pray for him. This happened just a week before I came to the training. The vision is still fresh in my mind.

Near the end of the training time, it was just amazing for me to see people surrounding Brother Ha in prayer. When the appeal was made for special prayer, he came up immediately—and I was reminded of the vision that I had. I never thought that something like this would happen. To me, I’m very grateful. It is not a coincidence. It is the miraculous guidance of the Lord. I feel very blessed that I am used by the Lord. The Lord gives me these experiences so that I can be strengthened. I feel even more eager to serve my Lord.

-Nga Nguyen, lay pastor in Vietnam
*Name has been changed and photos digitally blurred to protect God's servant.