Monthly Prayer Points

Here are the prayer requests that we at ASAP Ministries consider the most urgent this month. Please partner with us so that these needs can go up to heaven with a mighty surge of united prayer.


  • COVID-19 in Southeast Asia—COVID-19 cases are rising in Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, fueled by new variants of the virus. Please pray for our workers and the families we serve, as strict lockdowns drastically impact their lives.
  • Mrs. Lanh*—One of our church planters in a closed country recently shared with tears how her mother, Mrs. Lanh, needs healing and deliverance. She suffered a ruptured appendix, and praise the Lord, she received medical attention in time. However, now she is experiencing complications due to her alcoholism. Mrs. Lanh used to go to church, but no longer attends. Pray for her spiritual and physical health and for freedom from her alcohol addiction.
  • New Believers in a Closed Country—Last month, more than 200 people in a closed country accepted the truth through baptism. In a country with strong Buddhist/animist traditions, this is unprecedented and gives strong evidence of the miraculous working of the Holy Spirit. Pray that these new believers will stand strong in their faith amidst opposition from their family members, community, and the government.
  • Pr. Sam and Eh Paw’s Ministry—Praise the Lord for the great response to the sermons, seminars, and trainings posted on Facebook by Pr. Sam Ngala (ASAP church planter in Indianapolis) and his wife, Eh Paw. So far, these videos have reached more than 1 million Burmese-speaking people all over the world. Please pray that many more will find hope and comfort through these presentations, as well as other means, during this very challenging time for the people of Myanmar.


"Much prayer, much power; little prayer, little power; no prayer, no power." Dee Duke