Monthly Prayer Points

Here are the prayer requests that we at ASAP Ministries consider the most urgent this month. Please partner with us so that these needs can go up to heaven with a mighty surge of united prayer.


  • ASAP Missionaries—Intercede for our workers in the field. They need divine guidance to keep themselves and their families healthy and safe and still boldly witness for Christ to those who are fearful, sick, and suffering financially or in other ways during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • ASAP Support Team—Pray that God will grant us wisdom and efficiency as we create and contextualize resources for ASAP missionaries and plan simple yet practical ways to reach the people we serve during this time when many are open and seeking answers.

  • ASAP Donors—Pray for our donors who are at risk of health complications should they become ill. Pray for those who are working on the front lines of this crisis. Ask God to protect them and preserve their health. Pray that those who own businesses will be protected from hardship and loss. And most of all, pray that our donors and the entire ASAP family will grow closer to God and to one another during this challenging time.

  • New TV Channel in Vietnam—In February, God impressed Pr. Isah Young to start a new 24/7 television channel. We believe this is a providential opportunity, as many Vietnamese are now in isolation at home due to the coronavirus. Pray that they will discover this new programming, and that the Holy Spirit will convict their hearts as they watch the presentations on important Biblical truths.

  • Refugees in Samee Village—Pray for comfort and God’s provision for an ASAP church planter in Myanmar, who along with over 60 Adventist church members fled for their lives because of an armed conflict in their village. Remember, too, the more than 3,000 others who fled from three villages in this area. Pray that they receive the shelter, food, warm clothes, and everything else they need, as they seek safety in the mountains.

  • Drought Victims in Laos—Water and food are running low for many villagers suffering through a severe drought in southern Laos. Pray for rain and for the necessary resources to assist them in this time of crisis. Ask God to turn hearts to Him as ASAP missionaries and Adventist church members minister to those in need.

"Much prayer, much power; little prayer, little power; no prayer, no power." Dee Duke