Monthly Prayer Points

Here are the prayer requests that we at ASAP Ministries consider the most urgent this month. Please partner with us so that these needs can go up to heaven with a mighty surge of united prayer.


  • ASAP’S BUDGET, PROJECTS & MISSIONARIES IN 2022—Father, please pour out your Holy Spirit on ASAP’s missionaries, for we know it’s not by might nor by power but by Your Spirit that we can be successful in fundraising and implementing the life-transforming projects you have called us to do.

  • PROTECTION & COURAGE FOR THOSE FLEEING FOR THEIR LIVES—Jesus, we know your heart is breaking for the 3,000 people from Lay Kay Kaw Village, including an Adventist pastor and schoolteachers, who have fled for their lives to Thailand because of armed conflict in their area. We also think of our ASAP medical missionary Philip Soe (a pseudonym), who is currently in hiding with other villagers in another part of Myanmar due to attacks. Comfort, protect, and provide for them in this dark valley.

  • SOUTHEAST ASIAN LEADERS—Lord, you know many leadership transitions are happening within the Adventist Church in Southeast Asia: a new ASAP field supervisor for Laos; new leaders for the missions in Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia. Since ASAP works so closely with these leaders, please guide us in establishing strong relationships with the new leaders so Your work can move forward in sweet unity.

  • MISSION TRIP AND TRAINING PLANS—God, we’re so glad You see the big picture and know the future because it’s so challenging to plan ASAP’s 2022 mission trip and missionary training events with countries constantly changing their travel requirements due to Covid-19. We’ve sought Your will each step of the way, and we ask you to bless these plans and bring them to fruition for the advancement of Your work.


"Much prayer, much power; little prayer, little power; no prayer, no power." Dee Duke