Monthly Prayer Points

Here are the prayer requests that we at ASAP Ministries consider the most urgent this month. Please partner with us so that these needs can go up to heaven with a mighty surge of united prayer.


  • GOD’S PROVISION FOR ASAP’S FISCAL YEAR-END—Thank you to those of you who have been joining ASAP in 40 Days of Prayer (Aug. 22-Sept. 30), as we claim God’s promises in faith for His provision. We look forward to seeing how He provides for all of ASAP’s financial needs to not only meet budget, but far exceed it so we can accomplish much more for kingdom growth!

  • NEWLY BAPTIZED HMONG—Praise the Lord for seven Hmong new believers who accepted the Seventh-day Adventist truth from Pr. Chanchai in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and got baptized recently. Pray that they will continue growing in their faith as Pr. Chanchai disciples them.

  • RISE HIGH PATHFINDERS IN HOUSTON—Pray for God’s blessing on a new Pathfinder program that is starting for Aghan refugee children (and their families) in Houston, Texas. Pray that God will send all the volunteers needed and that the program will be a success for Jesus’ glory.

  • CONTINUED PRAYERS FOR ASAP’S PROJECT SELECTION COMMITTEE—God is giving wisdom and guidance to ASAP as we review hundreds of new project proposals for the next year. Pray that this process continues to go smoothly and that God gives us faith and efficiency.

  • PR. BENJAMIN KIP AND FAMILY—As we shared last month’s Prayer Points, God impressed ASAP to send a special family from our home office in Michigan to serve in Thailand. Pray that God will grant the Kip family a smooth transition and protection and guidance in their work. Pr. Ben is ASAP’s Ministry and Special Projects Field Coordinator and his wife, Kim, is ASAP’s new Education Field Coordinator. They have two amazing children, Andrea and Andrew.

"Much prayer, much power; little prayer, little power; no prayer, no power." Dee Duke