Our Vision for ASAP

People living in war-torn, economically depressed countries in Southeast Asia often suffer from poverty, hunger, disease, governmental oppression and lack of education. Most Southeast Asians have never heard the true message about their loving Savior. God feels the suffering of His children and He desires each of their hearts, so they can live forever in perfect peace and abundance with Him. ASAP Ministries follows Christ's call to reach the persecuted and vulnerable NOW because He is coming very soon!

Explore the Countries We Reach:


Thailand has a rich culture and a beautiful people whom ASAP hopes will find true freedom in Jesus Christ.


ASAP's work in Cambodia, a war-torn, poverty stricken country with a population of about thirteen million, is rapidly growing.


Laos, a beautiful, landlocked, communist-run country, contains a gentle people, open and receptive to the gospel message.


Vietnam's SDA house-church movement is experiencing tremendous growth.


Formerly called Burma, Myanmar is home to not only the Burmese, but the Hmong, Karen and others who need to hear God's truth.