Cambodia Feed and Read Schools

Cambodia Feed and Read School (Phnom Penh)

Could you stand it if you saw children pawing through the garbage for something to sell?

Would you be able to focus on your own children's education if you knew other parents could not send their children to school because they could not afford the uniforms and necessary tutoring at the "free" government schools?

The Cambodian church planters could not stand by either. With ASAP Ministries' help, they started the Cambodia Feed and Read School in the capital city of Phnom Penh where there are thousands of poor children. We are delighted to get the little ones off the streets and into a Christian school through warm-hearted sponsors.

Over the years, we have seen Buddhist children, who had no hope, grow up to love Jesus, serve as little literature evangelists, and want to become doctors or teachers someday. The hot, nutritious meal and loving Christian teachers make this school special.

Takong Adventist School

Help break the cycle of poverty.

The children near the border of Thailand and Cambodia often are raised in broken homes due to parents leaving Cambodia to go to Thailand in search of a job. The poverty and lack of education in the area caused ASAP to respond by establishing a school where children not only learn how to read and write, but discover the power of God’s word and prayer personally. Students and even their family members are coming to Christ and are being baptized. 

Much more can be done. In particular we hope to see hot meals provided to these children and training classes to empower the students and their families with job skills that lead to solid self-employment.

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