North America

With more than a million immigrants entering the United States every year and with Canada’s doors wide-open as well, North America has become a huge mission field.

ASAP Ministries invites you to explore those special people we are advocating for, namely the Southeast Asians and the persecuted. God has brought people from around the world near you in order that you might reach out to them and they be able to share back into their difficult-to-reach countries.

Southeast Asian Immigrants
Waves of refugees from Southeast Asia have burst onto North America’s shores over the last forty years, triggered by the wars in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. The most recent wave has been from Myanmar (Burma) consistently of Burmese, Chin, and especially the Karen tribe. As you can discover from their Explore pages, the Southeast Asian countries still have huge numbers of people who have not had a chance to know the Creator God and the salvation Jesus has provided.

Examine the numbers of Southeast Asian in the USA and Canada and discover where they have especially settled so that you might share God’s love with them.

Immigrants from Countries of Persecution
North America has also become a refuge to many from countries where there is intense, even horrific persecution of Christians and others. These are places missionaries cannot enter freely or evangelize openly. Many of these individuals come carrying deep sorrow and thankful for a new opportunity.

Examine the numbers of immigrants and refugees who have come from the ten hottest countries for persecution according to the World Watch. See where they have located in the USA and Canada. You might be the first one to give them a chance to learn the truth in their new country where they have religious freedoms.