My Language My Life Cards

“No speak English!”

Have you heard that recently? Did you know that more than 1 in 10 Americans feel they cannot speak English well? How can you share the Gospel with them?

In fact 1 in 5 Americans speaks another language besides English at home. Millions of people have moved to North America and other countries from places where it was very difficult to even know about Jesus. How can you access literature or videos with solid Biblical material that they would enjoy?

With just a click you can have access to Bible studies and sermons, pamphlets and health presentations, the Jesus video, entire books, Sabbath school lessons, and much more in over 100 languages!

We have put together the website to make it easy to connect people with an opportunity to know God. Just click on the regions of the world and locate the countries and languages of your international friends and show them the resources. Or hand them the card and let them look for themselves.

You can order cards in quantities of 50, 100, or 1000 online in our Priceless Gift Catalog or call us at 1-866-365-3541. Keep them handy in your wallet, your purse, your glove compartment, or on your desk at work. After you have made a friendship, just say, “I have a card here with some great websites on it. There are even some sites in Hindi!” (or Spanish or whatever they speak).

You may want to write this website down on your brain so that if necessary you can write it on a napkin or piece of paper if you do not have a card with you.

Remember also has great resources in English, so it is good for anyone. Scatter them widely!

Watch: Give Them My Language My Life!

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You can order cards from a local printer, perhaps putting them on the back of your business card or adding your church’s contact information. Download a PDF version of the My Language My Life card and logo below.

Please help us have the best quality materials in as many languages as possible.

If you know of some pamphlets, books, Bible studies, and audio/visual materials that you think should be here, please tell us about them. Give us a description in English and the link to the site. If the materials are not on a website, tell us how they can be accessed. 

Share a new resource with us!