Equipping Media Ministries

How can we reach people in restricted access countries? 

Radio programs are one of the most effective means of ministry that ASAP has supported. We provided initial funding for the creation of radio programs and the purchasing of radios in a closed country, and continue to support their ministry. Thousands have had the opportunity to hear the everlasting gospel and the special truths for the end of time through the radio broadcast.

A Cambodian radio program called The Voice of Love has also been very effective in sharing the truth with many people around the world. Pastor Sorn Sophat in Stockton, California, partners with workers in Cambodia to produce the programs.

Workers in a closed country excitedly asked us if we could raise enough funds for 1 million sermon DVDs. In this country where freedom to evangelize is still often restricted, DVDs can easily be handed out and are watched with great interest. We are happy to be moving towards that huge goal one quarter at a time. 1 quarter = 1 DVD.

Megavoices are also very effective. These are like iPods filled with recorded sermons and audio Bibles. They operate using solar power alone. Groups gather around to listen and the megavoice is passed from family to family.