Supplying Evangelism Tools

How can we assure the Good News is shared quickly?

Every evangelist is more effective when supplied with Bibles, lesson guides, pamphlets, and DVDs. ASAP Ministries helps the local missions in Southeast Asia produce and supply these resources to the workers. Some lessons are very basic while others are colorful with pictures drawn in the local style.

ASAP Ministries funds various evangelistic meeting series. With good pre-work and follow-up these can be very effective. We take electricity for granted, but in many places it doesn’t exist, or is very irregular. A generator makes it possible to turn on the lights at night not only for evangelistic meetings but to teach villagers to read and write and understand the Bible when they finally have time away from their fields. 

Purchasing guitars really helps the national missionaries communicate the truth with joy, since the people often love to gather to hear local music with the new words of the gospel.

You might not think of a van or a moped as evangelistic tools, but they are! Some workers walk miles to visit interests. When a national missionary is equipped with a moped he can reach many more villages with the gospel. Leaders of refugee groups in America say that having a van to pick up people regularly for church programs is more effective than an entire evangelistic series.

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