Translating Bible Resources

We help bring the Bible to life—in a way that people from other cultures can relate to. 

ASAP Ministries supports the translation of Bible lessons, such as My Bible First and Disciples of Jesus into various Southeast Asian languages. These lessons are story-based, making them easier to teach and easier for new disciples to pass them on. Even those who cannot read or write are being taught to use them effectively.

Besides the need for evangelistic materials, our church members in Southeast Asia have very few quality Christian resources. The Patriarchs and Prophets Project in Thailand will help change that. Brian and Duang Wilson have a long history of service in Thailand and Laos. They are excellent translators with a passion for ministry. ASAP Ministries invites you to help the church in Thailand grow stronger towards finishing God’s work. You can do this by sponsoring this excellent book translation venture.

Watch: Eating, Drinking and Breathing Translation

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