Give Hope to the Displaced

Share the Gift of Hope

Recently, ASAP Ministries launched a fundraising campaign to bring the blessing of Christian education to unreached and vulnerable families on the border between Myanmar and Thailand. Over the past three years, thousands of refugees and internally displaced people have flocked to this area, known as the West Border Attached Region, to escape political conflict and seek an education for their children. Many are Buddhists and animists whose hearts have never been more open to the gospel than they are right now in this moment of crisis.

ASAP Ministries operates 33 schools in the West Border Attached Region, with more than 260 teachers serving nearly 4,000 displaced students and their families. Help us raise $500,000 for these mission schools to share the hope of the gospel and the blessing of Christian education with those who desperately need it.

Donate today to share the gift of hope with displaced families from Myanmar