Light a Fire in Family Worships

Study mission topics in the Bible.

For example, consider the following: Whom did God send to a new place and what was their experience like? Who were refugees, what was their life like, and what can we learn about caring for refugees from their stories? Study the gospels and the book of Acts to learn Jesus’ methods of mission work.

Order Lessons from My Favorite Missionary and look together at sixteen times Jesus reached out cross-culturally beyond the Jewish people.

Read mission books together. After a chapter, ask your family members questions to get them thinking about what God may be calling them to do for Him. Help them learn principles of ministry by asking them how these things could apply to their own family at work, school, or play.

Subscribe online and as a family watch our podcast Reach the World—ASAP! weekly. Many enjoy doing this on Friday nights for sundown worship. Act on the new ideas for outreach in the following week whenever possible. 

Explore the world’s unreached online at and Ask your children to choose a country to learn about. Find out how many Christians are there and what other religions are followed. Find out how many tribes have not had a chance to know Jesus. Look to see if the Bible has been translated into their language. See if your church has any missionaries serving there. Pray together for the people.