Tips for Exhibiting

To prepare the exhibit booth, please place the black tablecloth on a 6-foot or 8-foot table in the exhibit area.

Then put the colored Asian tablecloth over top the black one. Arrange the ASAP literature and DVDs in an attractive manner on the table. You may also place Asian artifacts and any decorative items, such as flowers, on the table to make it more attractive. If you have any other “Asian-looking” items like baskets, a small elephant, etc. that would great to add as well.

When no one is watching the booth it is best to remove everything but the literature from the table when the booth is not tended. Especially, of course, keep the donations safe.

We have found that it is best to stand at the exhibit table rather than sit. It works best to actually greet the people instead of just look at them walk by the booth. 

Included in the kit are Sign-up Sheets for our weekly video podcasts and quarterly newsletters. Please kindly have 10 or so of these sheets in the clip board available on the table with a pen so people can sign up with ASAP. Write down any pertinent information about the individual on the back to help us follow up well. ;At the end of your event, please mail back to ASAP the filled-out sign-up sheets (or you may ship them with the kit or scan and email them to us at

The colorful Butterflies and bookmarks are hand-made by residents of our “Sda Center” AIDS refuge. In Cambodia, those with AIDS often are disowned by their families, lose their jobs and cannot get new jobs. The residents make the butterflies as a way to raise funds for the center. Please request a suggested donation of around $5.00 for each of these items, though you may give them away if people are unable to make a donation. The green ASAP pens and sticky flag sets are free to give away to those interested in the ministry.

The Reach the World Next Door promo DVDs can be given away to those interested in learning how to reach refugees and immigrants in this country. You can show them the sample Reach the World Next Door kit, which includes the full DVD, and 3 booklets. The Reach the World Next Door kit is available at our Gift Catalog for $49.

All donations should either be sent back to ASAP in the exhibit kit box or you may deposit the cash and send ASAP a check in the amount of the donations. 

At the end of your exhibit let us know the weight of the re-packed kit (it will be lighter because of you will have given out literature. Please keep the shipping carton that things came in to re-ship). We will email you a shipping label which you may apply to the box (over the old label) and take the box to any Staples, Office Depot or UPS Store for hassle-free shipment.

We are happy to answer your questions. Feel free to call us at 269-471-3026.