Empowering Church Planters

How can the Gospel find its way into a village or city where everyone is either Buddhist, animist, or secular? 

The most effective way is through a loving and helpful Christian. That disciple-maker needs to be someone who cares about the people’s physical and spiritual needs. He or she must work purposefully towards establishing a body of loving believers who can extend that care. 

We are delighted to partner with ethnic missionaries who already know the language and the culture. Where local workers are available, it is a much more cost-effective way of ministry than sending expatriate workers.

Youth evangelists are another energetic part of this outreach. We have especially seen young people in Cambodia and nearby closed countries make a powerful impact on their communities, even in the face of persecution.

Besides providing a stipend to ethnic missionaries, ASAP Ministries provides emergency medical assistance and help with their children’s schooling whenever possible.

Ethnic missionaries work hard in lonely and challenging situations. They need encouragement and further equipping. ASAP Ministries provides an annual training program. We take time to hear their mission stories and pray for their needs. We seek to provide relevant teaching in the areas of gospel, humanitarian, and medical ministry work. These special times of fellowship and learning are highly worth the significant cost they entail.