Praying for Souls

For a long time, I have been praying to the Lord that He would bless me in my work of sharing the gospel and winning souls for Him. He answered my prayers in a very beautiful way! 
One time I set out as usual to do my work of spreading the good news throughout my village. I met a young woman who was working at the dump area digging for recyclables that could be sold. I walked up to her and started a conversation. I asked her how much she could earn in one day. She sadly shared that she could not earn enough to support herself and her family. She pretty much lived from hand to mouth. In a very worried tone she said, "My family is so poor, my kids usually get sick, and my husband doesn’t earn any money."  She asked me where I came from and what I was doing there. I honestly told her that I was a Bible worker spreading the good news about Jesus. She asked me, "What can we get from believing in Jesus?" Knowing that she was referring to material blessings, I said, “Jesus wants to give us so much more than material blessings! He wants to give us SALVATION!” I continued, “When you believe in God and learn to pray and trust Him with your whole heart, you will discover a God who will provide for all your needs.” I then had an opportunity to share my testimony. I said, “Before I got to know and accept Jesus, I faced a lot of problems and difficulties. And I didn’t earn any money. After I accepted God into my life, all the difficulties and hardships seemed to go away. And I learned that Jesus will carry my burdens. As I began praying and trusting Jesus, I soon discovered that He was answering my prayers. And God has blessed me with this work of sharing the good news.” She listened very carefully as I shared my story. I could see hope in her eyes. She asked many questions about believing in God and about the Christian life. She made her decision that day to accept Jesus into her life. About two months later, she saw how God blessed her husband with a job which allows them to earn more money. The husband became a believer soon after she did. She and her husband are now committed to believe and trust God with all their hearts. I praise the Lord for this new family that has decided to be baptized.

Seeing the changes in her life makes me feel joyful. I can see that she and her whole family are becoming happier. I feel so thankful to the Lord who is so kind and good. He who is the truth, the way and the life will lead us and bless us.

-Chin Saroun