Supporting Refugee Church Plants

Can you imagine being displaced in a country where the language and culture is completly different from yours?

The United States, Canada, and other countries continue to receive many refugees. Among these are a large number of Seventh-day Adventists. ASAP Ministries encourages these individuals to form church groups, providing prayer and counsel. When we can, we assist with a stipend for a lay pastor while encouraging conferences to support them. Approximately forty-five new Karen groups have started in less than the last ten years in America alone.

We also are delighted when we can help fund-raise and partner with refugee church plants for such projects as conventions (camp meetings), church building, or vehicles to bring people to church since they do not yet have their own transportation.

There are also huge numbers of refugees and immigrants from countries in which there are few Christians. Many have come recently from Bhutan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Somalia, and Sudan. These are countries which are either torn by war or quite restrictive to evangelism. 

ASAP Ministries seeks to draw the attention of church members to these needs and equip them to reach out through the cross-cultural ministry training kit Reach the World Next Door.

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