2013 Cambodia Mission Trip Update

Dear Prayer Partner Friends,

The sun is just setting on the first day of teaching in Cambodia. Outside the wind is blowing nicely, taking away the heat, and the mosquitos are gently nibbling.

It is wonderful to be with these 50 Cambodian lay church planters. They are eager for the word of God. I felt the power of your prayers as I taught the message of righteousness by faith in some of its deeper beauty. God made it clear and understandable, which to me felt like a miracle.

I asked them which provinces they came from and it was from all over the country. That also was a miracle. Twenty years ago, when we first came to Cambodia, there was only one worshipping group that we knew about.

Julie, Josiah, Joelle, and Jannet were at the ASAP Feed and Read School. They had such fun interviewing children to hear their stories, taking pictures of them, and doing crafts and thank you cards for donors. These are the children we have been telling you about!

Julie joined me for an hour to teach about how God freed her from paralyzing fears when she lived in this city of Phnom Penh.

We ate rice for breakfast, rice for lunch, and rice for supper. It was delicious and so were the many greens, soy proteins, and especially the mangoes we had with it. Sorry I can't share a bit with you through the internet!

So begins our first day of training.

My trip last week to Myanmar was a joy. I met with old friends and heard great new news. I witnessed baptism of a woman from a new tribe entered with the gospel. They are called "Black Face" because of their ancient practice of tattooing the faces to keep their enemies from stealing their beautiful ladies (supposedly beautiful no more)! There are many such unentered tribes in Myanmar. We are so thankful to hear of God's growing work!
I was also able to gather some materials in Karen and Burmese for our cross-cultural mission kit and the many refugees entering America.

Finally, our weekend was terrific with our Cambodian son Rotha and his wife Peach. They treated us royally. On Friday we had the fun of traveling in a motorized tricycle to the countryside to meet her relatives. We ate rice and veggies at one house, sugar palm fruit and coconut at another, and rice porridge and watermelon at a third until we were ready to pop! How glad we are to see our son's happy family, with several attending church on Sabbath with us. We sat for an hour after preaching at a small church and listened to testimony after testimony of God's power in the lives of new Christians.
Don't you think we have an amazing and wonderful God? Hadn't we better get out there more with this amazing good news?

Thank you for your prayers. Please, PLEASE keep it up. It's time for revival, for deep conversion, for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Sincerely looking up!

Scott, Julie and Co.