ASAP Refugee Student Missions

Student Missionary service is something that can transform both the individual and the community that they serve!

ASAP Ministries's Refugee Student Missions program is designed to connect young people from a refugee background into service opportunities for their people in or near their country of origin. Refugee Student Missionaries can serve in several capacities such as: teachers, evangelists, youth and young adult ministries, and ministry assistants to the leaders in the field. We invite you to consider serving as a Refugee Student Missionary through ASAP Ministries.

Current Refugee Student Missionaries

Jasmine Moo

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Education from Hartland College, Jasmine has accepted God’s call to return to the refugee camps where she grew up in Thailand to teach young people to know and love their Savior. With her degree, she can also help train her fellow teachers. Equipping refugees in America to return as missionaries to their people is part of God's plan for "... rapidly extending the third angel's message into all the nations of earth" (Evangelism, p. 570).

Soe Soe

Soe Soe spent part of his earlier years of life in the refugee camps of Thailand. Soe Soe first felt the call to missions on a trip back to Thailand in 2019. “That taught me so much,” Soe Soe says. “It taught me that what I have learned here I can give back, because going back there really opened my eyes to see how people are struggling.” Soe Soe feels so much gratitude that God has blessed him with education and the opportunity to go to Ouachita Hills College, thanks in part to the Judy Aitken Memorial Refugee Scholarship Fund. Now, he wants to return home and share the love of Jesus. “I’m really excited, and I’m really blessed that God has chosen me and called me to be a part of this mission.” Currently Soe Soe is working as a Karen Field Ministry Assistant.

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