Twelve Days of Giving: December 13-24

Does God have a Christmas list? Maybe that sounds like a silly question. Of course, God doesn’t have a Christmas list! Or does He?

“Christmas is coming. May you all have wisdom to make it a precious season. Let the older church members unite, heart and soul, with their children... in devising ways and means to show true respect to Jesus by bringing to Him gifts and offerings. Let every one remember the claims of God. His cause cannot go forward without your aid” (Ellen White, Review & Herald, 12/9/1884).

Would you to do something different this holiday season? Join ASAP Ministries December 13-24 for Twelve Days of Giving, a social media campaign featuring opportunities to support God’s work in the 10/40 window. Each day, on Facebook and Instagram, we’ll introduce a new “gift” to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the poor, persecuted, unreached, and refugees.

You can participate in Twelve Days of Giving (and share the news with your friends and family) by following ASAP on Facebook and Instagram. Or you can view the gift item for each day by clicking on the links in the list below. May you and your loved ones be richly blessed this Christmas as you honor the Giver of every good and perfect gift (James 1:17)!


Twelve Days of Giving

Day 1 - December 13: Equip a Literacy Classroom

Day 2 - December 14: Support the Takong School in Cambodia

Day 3 - December 15: Make a Dream Come True

Day 4 - December 16: Aid the Family of a Persecuted Worker

Day 5 - December 17: Put Bibles in the Hands of Those Who Need Them Most

Day 6 - December 18: Show Care for the Outcasts of a Leper Colony

Day 7 - December 19: Support Youth Evangelists in a New Program in Thailand

Day 8 - December 20: Build a Medical Missionary Training Center in Myanmar

Day 9 - December 21: Support an ASAP Church Planter

Day 10 - December 22: Boost the Tentmaker Program

Day 11 - December 23: Build a House Church for New Believers in Myanmar

Day 12 - December 24: Teach Refugees in Thailand About Jesus