By sponsoring a child at one of ASAP’s Schools in Southeast Asia, you will be making a difference immediately and for eternity.

You can provide a Seventh-day Adventist® education for a disadvantaged child in Cambodia who would otherwise have no hope of a quality education or learning about God’s love.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Sponsor a poor child living in Phnom Penh Cambodia. These children come from struggling families who cannot afford the necessary tutoring or supplies demanded by the “free” government schools. You can be the miracle they are waiting for by providing these little ones with a quality education at no cost to their families.
  • Sponsor a Vietnamese student living in Phnom Penh Cambodia. These Vietnamese families are often not citizens and therefore have no access to government services such as schooling for their children. You can be the means of changing the lives of these precious children for eternity.
  • Sponsor a Cambodian student living close to the border where parents often cross over into Thailand to find much needed work, leaving their children behind to be raised by grandparents or other relatives. Your sponsorship could provide these children with hope for a better future.
  • Sponsor a student at the Naung Bo Den School, located on the border of Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). Sponsoring a student at this K–10 school, which serves the children of migrants and families, will leave an indelible mark on his or her life, and he or she will be forever grateful.

Visit the Education section of our website to discover new schools added every year. Whoever you choose to sponsor, you will be changing the lives of these precious children by providing them with a quality Christian education and an opportunity to learn about and fall in love with Jesus.

Before you choose to give we ask that you make a commitment to at least one year of donation. Student sponsorship is $30 a month per student at any of our schools. You may give a monthly gift of $30, a quarterly gift (once every three months) of $90 or a yearly gift of $360. That’s only about $1 per day.

What You Can Expect From Sponsorship:

  • Once your initial donation is received with a yearly pledge, you will receive a prayer card with information and pictures of your chosen student. You will also receive an update on your student’s progress once a year.
  • Should your student leave school for any reason, you will be notified and provided with a replacement student. In poor, transient communities, parents often move to find work, so this is likely to happen.
  • Due to the language barrier, and to avoid the appearance of favoritism between sponsored and unsponsored students, we unfortunately cannot facilitate direct communication between sponsors and their students.

Where Your Donation Goes:

  • At ASAP Ministries, we believe that every child deserves a quality, Christian education. Your donation helps cover the tuition costs at the school your sponsored student attends, which allows ASAP Ministries to offer a free education to students who would not be able to afford it otherwise.
  • 100% of your donation goes toward the project you specify. In the case of student sponsorship, the project is the school that your chosen student attends.
  • No money is given directly to your sponsored student or their family. Your student benefits through sponsorship by receiving a quality, Christian education at minimal or no cost to them or their family.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can students have multiple sponsors?

Each student has only one sponsor. That sponsor may be an individual, family, or organization such as a church, school, or business.

Q: How long does student sponsorship last?

We ask that you commit to sponsoring for at least one year, but your sponsorship may last as long as you choose. Our schools support students from Kindergarten to sixth grade. If your student leaves for any reason or completes the sixth grade, you will be notified and provided with a replacement student so long as your donations are current.

Q: How do I discontinue my sponsorship?

Sponsorship can be discontinued at any time by calling ASAP Ministries at (269) 471-3026 or by emailing ASAP Mission Outreach Coordinator Feno Ravaoharisoa at with your request.

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. A receipt with a record of your giving will be mailed after you make a donation. A cumulative year-end receipt will be mailed as well.

Q: Can I share pictures and stories from my sponsored child on social media?

Should you choose to share pictures or stories of your sponsored child, we ask that you do so in a respectful way that uplifts God and positively supports the mission of ASAP. 

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