Medical Missionaries

By sponsoring a medical missionary in Myanmar or Cambodia, you are helping him or her to bring the right arm of the gospel to those in need.

Such workers use natural remedies, health education, and prayer to bring physical, spiritual, and mental healing to all who will respond. Entire villages are without any clinics or hospitals and desperately need such workers.

When you begin sponsoring your medical missionary, we will send you a profile of him or her that includes a picture and personal information about their work, their family and perhaps even a testimony about how they came to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. This will also include a list of prayer points so that you will know the most urgent prayer requests that he or she currently has. You will receive an update on your missionary at least once per year detailing the progress of their work and personal testimonies. In countries where workers are at high risk of persecution, we blur their images and/or use pseudonyms to protect their identities. We do not allow direct communication between sponsors and missionaries, but if you would like to join ASAP for a mission trip and have the opportunity to meet your sponsored worker, we encourage you to do so!

Before you choose to give we ask that you make a commitment to at least one year of sponsorship. Sponsorship of a medical missionary in Myanmar costs $120 per month. You may also sponsor a part-time medical missionary in Cambodia for $30 a month to help your worker give the ministry of healing to his or her Buddhist and animist neighbors.