7 Reasons to Train Missionaries


ASAP believes in the importance of training our local missionaries because we see it as an avenue for empowering them to fulfill their calling in an effective way. We experienced an outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the trainings in two countries this past January and February and we pray for God to work mightily in the upcoming trainings in two more countries during March and April. As you read about the top seven reasons why trainings are so crucial, consider sending ASAP a special gift of $200 to send 1 missionary to a training (or $2,000 to send 10, or $20,000 to send 100!)   

  1. They Get Grounded in Truth
    Over 90% of our local missionaries are first generation Seventh-day Adventists and most of them do not have a college education. At trainings, they eagerly soak up all the information they can get.
  2. They Learn How to Use Practical Sharing Tools
    ASAP carefully prepares materials such as Bible studies, picture rolls, and curriculums that the missionaries can share with others. This preparation includes translating and printing.Then, we teach how to use the materials through demonstrations, followed by small groups that allow them to practice sharing these tools to get experience, feedback, and gain confidence.
  3. Their Faith Grows When Uniting in Prayer
    More prayer…more power! Every morning, evening, and many times throughout the training, ASAP missionaries have opportunities to pray unitedly with other missionaries so they can “bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (Gal. 6:2).
  4. Sharing Testimonies and Challenges Encourage Them
    Each missionary receives a special time with a caring ASAP staff member or volunteer with whom they can share their praises of how God is working and open their hearts about the challenges they face. These are times of one-on-one ministry. This year, we saw a great influx of answered prayers across the board, leading us to the conclusion that Jesus is coming soon and the Holy Spirit is moving in a powerful way. We look forward to sharing these stories with you!  
  5. They Experience Much-Needed Fun & Fellowship
    ASAP often invites front-line Bible workers from other mission organizations to join the ASAP trainings. One from Gospel Outreach shared at the end of a training, “Thank you for including me. Now I don’t feel like I am working alone.” Many missionaries are the only Christians in the villages where they work, and they are viewed with suspicion or even with hostility.
  6. Trainings Create a Space for Collaboration
    One of ASAP’s core values is collaboration, and we work closely with the Seventh-day Adventist missions and other organizations to accomplish our shared calling. Trainings allow time for needed communication, to meet and plan together so we all stay on the same page.
  7. The Music & Program Refocuses Them on Jesus
    Missionaries on the front line are susceptible to discouragement because their work is a direct threat to Satan and they experience constant attacks. What a blessing for them to sing and praise the Lord with like-minded believers, focusing on Jesus instead of their problems. Some say that these training sessions are what get them through the whole year!