Experiencing Answers

I learned about united prayer from an ASAP training and enjoyed praying together with my fellow church planters. When I went home, I taught it to my family. This proved to be a blessing so I tried it on my elders and leaders in the church during prayer meeting. They too responded well to it. The next Sabbath, because our guest speaker did not show up, I preached about the power of united prayer and tried it with the whole congregation. The members eagerly participated. Now we conduct united prayer groups every Tuesday and Friday evenings. We see God answer many prayers and bring more unity when we come together to pray.

For instance, we persisted in prayer for Rith Samoeun, a lady heavily burdened with caring for her two sons, three daughters, and five grandchildren. She experienced the love of God when church members reached out to her and supplied rice and help to raise her family. But two years ago, she had a misunderstanding with another church member and decided not to return to church. After visiting her at her home, along with much united prayer, Rith and her daughter have now returned to church and both are faithful and active believers!