Miracles Behind the Scenes

Miracles --this one word sums up a series of events ASAP experienced before the video, Seekers of Truth, made it into production. Here are a few of the “behind the scenes” accounts that will undoubtedly bring praise to your heart for our amazing Provider.

When Frank, the ASAP videographer, saw the video script, he exclaimed it would be impossible to film all the scenes needed in only the day and a half available. Typically a project that size requires at least a week of filming. We assured him that we would be praying and asked him to give it his best effort. We were also faced with the issue of finding adequate props and settings. How were we to find ethnic clothing, elephants, chickens, woods, a bamboo and thatch structure for a church, a baby, axes and more?

Isaiah 30:19 says, “How gracious He will be when you cry for help! As soon as He hears, He will answer you,” and this is exactly what God did! Everything miraculously fell into place as angels busily orchestrated each scene. A group of ASAP missionaries traveled with us from the busy metropolitan training site to a small town where they first stopped at an elephant sanctuary. We witnessed the Holy Spirit work on the heart of the owner as she learned what we were doing. She smiled and said, “You are welcome to use whatever you need for filming on the premises.” 

After filming the elephant scene, Frank filmed the church scene in a bamboo and thatch structure the elephant keepers use to rest in. I looked down to discover a box with two chickens that seemed to be just waiting their turn to be on film. Then, right when needed, a young lady caring a nine-month-old baby stepped out of the little shack where the elephant keepers reside. The mom was happy to “loan” us her baby, who did not cry once during the scene. These kinds of provisions kept happening throughout the entire shoot, indicating clearly that YES! God is leading this work in big and small ways.

Finally, the video was ready to be duplicated but ASAP had no funds for this expense. We prayed and waited for God’s perfect timing when He impressed a donor who knew about this need to underwrite the duplication costs. We continue to pray for miracles at ASAP. We are praying that you, your family, your church and your friends will take the time out of your busy lives to watch this video and respond as God impresses you (please contact ASAP to request the video Seekers of Truth). The greatest response you can make is to commit to interceding daily for the work of ASAP. We are also praying for the miracle that thousands more seeking truth will find it and accept it with all their hearts. God is in the miracle-working business and we look forward to witnessing even more extraordinary events as the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ rapidly approaches.

-Julia O'Carey