On the Narrow Path

I was born and raised a Buddhist. Growing up, we were very poor. My mother had to take care of me and many of my siblings as my father was no longer around. I grew up fast since I had to help care for my siblings and babysit as a nanny to help my mother financially. I was taken to Thailand to work while still in my mid-teenage years. I got married and came with my husband to the United States as refugees.

From my first month of pregnancy with my second child, I had a desire to know truth. The father of our child and his parents were pressuring me to convert to their religion. His mother had been hospitalized and we wanted to visit but his father told him, “If Aye Aye has not converted to our religion, we do not want to see either of you, not even at our funerals!”

Two months before my youngest child was born, I prayed for the first time in my life. I asked God for three things: (1) to reveal Himself (truth) to me so I could know who He is, (2) to lead me to good friends who will help me grow spiritually, and (3) to give me strength to overcome the trials and challenges that I was facing in my marriage

Two weeks prior to my first prayer, I was hospitalized because I was too weak. I refused to eat due to severe loss of appetite and could not sleep because of my troubled thoughts. My husband, whom I loved and trusted and had seen every time I came home, had up and left me and the child in my womb. How could I eat? My agony was compounded by the negative remarks made by others in regards to why I had chosen him in the first place. Soon after that first prayer, I was able to eat again. A peace washed over my mind and I was able to sleep. I gained strength and was able to leave the hospital. I learned God was real.

Shortly after my prayer, a good friend whom I had not communicated with in eight months was hospitalized. Her brother called and asked me to call her as she needed some encouragement. I hesitated for a week because we had some misunderstandings that took place. Her brother persisted and told me that it was not good to hold grudges between good friends. I finally called her with the intention to encourage her. Instead, she was the one that encouraged me.

When she got out of the hospital, she invited me to her home and we cooked vegetarian snacks together. My friend asked me if I would like to study the Bible. I told her that I was very interested but I did not know how to read. She told me that there is a nice young man, Pastor Samuel Ngala, who can tell you the Bible stories. “He’s even vegetarian!” she added with a smile. When I prayed and asked God to send me someone to teach me truth, I did not specify what church he/she should be from. When Pastor Sam came, I knew he was sent by God.

Then came a time when I had to choose between the father of my child and my Father in Heaven. I decided to follow and choose my Father in Heaven. God also gave me dreams to encourage me in my walk with Him. One night, I dreamed that I was traveling. Ahead of me was a bridge with a narrow square door going into a cave and on the other side was a broad walkway. When I looked back, I saw the father of my child trailing far behind me. I chose to enter by the narrow square door. At times, I even had to crawl until I reached a beautiful garden where I was warmly welcomed by a smiling lady. I chose to be baptized and have never regretted my decision and I have decided to follow God with all my heart.