Prayer Did It


Hello! My name is Chai Worra* and I live in Laos with my wife and eight children. God put me here to help my people, just like He put you where you live so you can help people around you.

I’m so happy to be God’s servant. God blesses me in many ways and I’d like to tell you one story about how He did that for me.

A few months ago, one of my friends asked me to help him transport some firewood from his farm to his house. You see, our farms aren’t in the same place where our houses are, so we have to take things back and forth between them.

You need to know that my friend is not a Christian. I’ve tried talking to him but he’s never interested. Therefore, when he asked for my help, I immediately realized that this was another chance for me to show Jesus to him. Before leaving my house, I prayed, “Jesus, please open the door for me to share Your love with my friend. Amen” I prayed. It was a simple prayer, but do you think Jesus heard me?

As we drove along in my truck to the farm, we had a nice chat together. When we arrived, we loaded the firewood into the back and started for home. Everything was good for a half hour, then something went wrong with the truck. It had never acted like this before. It sputtered and coughed, and then the engine completely died. Immediately, I remembered my prayer to God and silently asked Him again for an opportunity to share God’s love with my friend.

We climbed out of the truck and started checking it all over. We worked on the engine, trying to fix whatever was wrong, but no matter how hard we tried, that engine wasn’t going to work. I suggested that we ask God for help. My friend just looked at me and said, “Let’s see if the God you believe in can help us.” I was bold and asked him to pray with me. As soon as we were done praying, I turned the key by faith and God used this moment to show my friend that our God can do all things!

My friend’s mouth dropped open. He was so amazed. Right then he opened his heart and said he wanted to learn more about this powerful God.

Thank you for praying that my friend will accept Jesus completely. You can ask God to show you how to help someone believe in Him, too.