A Real God Answers

I woke up early on Pchum Ben day, the Khmer Festival of the Dead, with a cold, sick feeling in my stomach. We were down to 1,000 Riel (25 Cents) and had no rice left in the sack, no food in sight. “How is my family going to eat today?” I worriedly asked myself. I was not hoping for the delicious treats that are usually eaten on this special day, like sticky rice with sweet beans or cake with banana wrapped in it. I knew a simple meal of rice and vegetables would more than satisfy us. My four children woke up shortly after. The older ones started whining right away about being hungry. My youngest sobbed with hunger. I wanted to cry too.  I could not blame my husband for the sorry state we were in. He could not help being sick for quite some time. I understood that he could not drive the taxi when he was so sick. I was just happy that God answered Church Planter Ty Kim Ann and my prayers for him because we did not have to buy medicine after we prayed. 

Speaking of prayer, before I became Christian, every year since I was a little girl, I prayed to my dead ancestors on this holiday. I remember lighting incense and candle sticks to guide the spirits of my deceased relatives to the offerings my family and me prepared. Now I know how to pray to a real God, the only God who has power to help me. So on that special day, I prayed a silent, pleading prayer to the God in heaven. I told him how it broke my heart to see my daughters so hungry. I asked Him to have mercy on me because I did not know what to do. I was helpless. Right after I finished praying, three young men from the church appeared at the doorway. They said they were impressed to each give me 3,000 Riel to buy rice with. It is really wonderful how God is alive and answers my prayers. I praise the Lord Jesus Christ! 

- Thenly