A Second Chance

I believe in Jesus! Every Sabbath day I love to go to church to worship God, every Sabbath except one time last month when I fell into temptation. You see, I try to make a living by selling vegetables at the market. Between my work and my husband's small pay from working construction, sometimes it is difficult to have enough to live. That Sabbath morning I asked my husband, Chum Silat, to drive me to the market. We piled all the vegetables and my two-year-old child, Lun O'Chi on the small moped and started out. I felt a little guilty because my mother-in-law called me that morning, asking what time we would all go to church but I told her not to wait for us.

We were about half way there when suddenly I heard a "bang" and the moped started swerving around the busy road because our tire blew out. While we headed straight into the big tire of a large moving truck I cried, "Jesus, save us!" At that moment I stuck my foot out and gave a hard kick. Fortunately, this sent our moped away from the big truck and to safety by the side of the road. I learned that day an important lesson that no matter how hard our situation might be, Jesus must be first in our lives because He is our God.

Later that week I told Church Planter Ty Kim An about my experience and how I told God I was sorry and how I will make Him number one. We read Isaiah 58:13-14 together and now I understand more clearly about God's Sabbath, His holy day. I also understand more deeply in my heart about God's mercy. He loves me enough to answer my cry for help, give me a second chance and save my family and me! 

-Sok Chea Soun