Streams of Light in 180+ Languages


God is constantly working to get His message out in every language. A few years ago, He sent an energetic man to an ASAP booth in Southern California where he met me and took some cards.

As that man worked as a literature evangelist, he encountered many people who spoke other languages besides English. He loved to pull out those cards and have them listen to a radio or TV program in Arabic, Thai, or Spanish on their phones.

Years later, I got a call from someone named Oleg Lotca. “I’m with Streams of Light,” he said. “We want to place a Great Controversy in every home in North America by 2026. Every chapter has QR codes to link to audio and video resources.”

It struck me as a very ambitious and important project, but what about those who do not understand English?

Oleg continued, “We’d like you to make an advertisement for to put in the back of the book.”

 “How did you know about our website?” I excitedly asked.

“I’ve been using it all over North America,” he said. He was that literature evangelist who had taken some of my cards all those years ago and now God had called him to a huge mission. Several hundred thousand books had already been distributed house-to-house across America and had been right there with them.

Recently Oleg brought his Streams of Light team to Texas to partner with churches across the conference to distribute Great Controversy books. The RWND team joined them in Houston and then in Rosharon with our church plant. More than 24,000 books were passed out and over 300 Bible study interests were secured.

Afterwards, their team came to our home for strategic planning. Johnny Henderson, Streams of Light Director of Evangelism and Outreach, said, “MLML has broken down the barrier of being unable to meet with people because we don’t have physical material in their languages. Now the door is wide open, whether they are Hindu or Spanish.”

“For church members,” he continued, “It overcomes their feeling that we can’t reach people of other languages and cultures.”

Warren, their director of logistics & spiritual affairs, excitedly told me, “At the Pine Forest Garden Restaurant I was able to open my phone and show to three Chinese ladies and the bus boy! Then along came a man from Persia, and, just like that, five people got to see the Jesus story and all these other great links!”

Oleg added, “I met a man from Iran who couldn’t understand what I was saying. I opened the book, scanned the QR code on the page and started playing AWR in Farsi. His wife excitedly came over as soon as she heard her language and when I started to shut it off, she said, ‘No, wait a minute. I want to listen longer!’ She even signed up for Bible studies.”

We are excited to see and being used together to reach the unreached. I hope you will visit to learn how you can get your church involved in getting this excellent book out to your communities. Take a moment also to look at and watch for those people who can be blessed by the Gospel in over 180 languages.