In That Very Hour!

I was very glad to have the opportunity to attend an ASAP training. It was the first time that I, along with other ASAP workers from Central and East Myanmar, had heard about how to do united prayer using the conversational prayer format. We praise the Lord for the power of united prayer and the blessings that came from that experience.

On a Thursday afternoon, Martin Kim led our group in a time of special intercessory prayer for those who were hurting or in need of prayer. This took place after he had shared some interesting quotes that reminded us about the power of united prayer. Like the paralytic in Mark chapter 2 who was brought to Jesus by four friends who had faith (v. 5), we were going to bring hurting people to Jesus through our united prayers. We surrounded each individual who requested prayer and placed our hands on the individual or on the person in front or next to us so that we were all connected. Then four people prayed for each individual who requested prayer. During that time of prayer, many workers came to the middle, one after another requesting prayer. Some were in need of healing and others were requesting prayer for family members back at home.

I finally got the courage to go forward. Two requests lay heavy on my heart. First, I asked for them to pray for my son Thoo Thoo who had been suffering from a disease for twelve years. I also requested prayer for my dear wife Ruth who had been suffering with arthritis for five years. I went in the middle of the group, representing my loved ones. Everyone laid hands on me and prayed. I could sense the presence of the Lord with us.

In the very hour that prayers were being said, Ruth suddenly felt free from pain. Immediately she said to her son, “Oh! What has happened to me? Now I can stretch my hands freely without hurting.” She didn’t know that people were praying for her and her son at that exact time. This reminds me of the story in Matthew 8:13 of how Jesus healed the Centurion’s servant “in that very hour.”

When I returned home from the training, I eagerly shared with my family about our special prayer for them. We rejoiced together when we realized what God had done in direct answer to the prayers of His people. The good news does not end here. Our son, Thoo Thoo, also experienced healing. The disease completely left him and he has not had any problems since that day.

We give praise to God who is the Great Physician. There is truly great power in united prayer. Ellen White wrote in the Spirit of Prophecy: “A few converted souls, uniting for one grand purpose under one head, will achieve victories in every encounter” (6T, pg. 139).

-Pastor Khin Mg Tin