"Multiplying Disciples—Christ’s Way" DVD Release!

This is an exciting year with the big event of the General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas. ASAP Ministries was there, praying unitedly for God to move His people forward to finish the work in the world and see Jesus return very soon. We wanted you to know that you can have the very DVD that we handed out to thousands attending the GC. It is called: Multiplying Disciples—Christ’s Way.

Enjoy sharing this DVD with those in your circles. It highlights the work we are doing in partnership with you. Thank you for your solid support, you can see the results in the three videos:

ASAP Church Planter Duang Thy Rit found a way to bring Jesus to an entire family.

Find out what Mr. Win rescued and discover how you can help with only a quarter!

While we worship in freedom, others will die today for their faith. Listen to the story of one man who regularly risks his life to share the Word.

You can also see the big difference that volunteers make in our new TAKE ACTION video clip. We are so grateful to every individual who gives of their time and their means. May their testimonies stir you to an even greater involvement with missions.

Also, we are so excited that God has brought immigrants, refugees, and international students right into our own neighborhoods and universities. We all can have a cross-cultural mission field and be part of the last movement to take the three angels’ messages to every nation, kindred, tribe, and tongue. We hope you will share the video REACH THE WORLD NEXT DOOR with your church and help organize an effective outreach with them.

We are each Jesus’ disciples, called to multiply disciples throughout the world. Sometimes we feel there is little we can do. We feel so incapable. Praise God! The answer is the Holy Spirit—fully capable of any task no matter how difficult!

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