God Healed Mrs. Sok Ran!

“If God’s healing way is so powerful, then the scientists should stop producing the expensive medicine.” This kind of mockery and teasing made me very discouraged.  As a medical missionary in Kompong Thom Province, Cambodia, I have been persecuted many times for telling people about God and His power. Sometimes I have become upset and considered quitting my work as a medical missionary, but still I wanted to work for God.

On March 19, 2009, I met Mrs. Sok Ran who is 49 years old. She had numbness and swelling in her legs. After being treated by modern medicine for months, the symptoms were still there. I introduced Jesus to her and told her to put her trust in Jesus because only He had the power to heal her. She agreed and promised me that she would join the church and worship only the living God. I started her treatment with a hot and cold foot bath. I also gave her charcoal to drink. I invited my supervisor, Pastor Pen Narith, his wife, and a church member to pray for her. They came every day for a week and prayed for Mrs. Sok Ran.

I am greatly thankful to God for hearing our prayers and healing her. Mrs. Sok Ran is perfectly well without any swelling or numbness. I told her that the hot and cold foot baths and charcoal were not the only reasons she was restored to health. Her real healing was from Jesus through our prayers. Today, she, with her husband and neighbors, is praising the Lord Jesus Christ.

I feel so happy and encouraged when God answers our prayers and heals the non-Christians. It gives me courage to reach others and tell them how powerful our Savior is and how much He loves us.

Beng Korn’s Prayer Requests:

1. Please pray for Mrs. Sok Ran’s family to accept Jesus and worship the living God.

2. Please pray for me so that I will always stand firm for Jesus and always work for Him faithfully, honestly and wisely through His Holy Spirit.

3. I would like to request prayer so that I can find a bicycle to buy. I really need it for visiting sick people and sharing the Good News about Jesus with them.

-Beng Korn (edited by Nathan Sarli)