Charcoal and a Prayer

BY CLARISSA FIEDLER (click here to meet the writer)

“Please help! Come fast!” A man came running to Deborah’s* home one morning in early May. “Sayuma, Sayuma, Sayuma! (Respected Teacher! Teacher! Teacher!) Simeon* has drunk poison and is dying! Please help! Come fast!”

“Dear God, please show me what to do,” prayed Deborah (pictured). She remembered that her friend had sent her five packets of charcoal powder to detox the body from poisoning and to use for other treatments. Quickly she grabbed one of the packets and ran to Simeon's house. He had vomited and was lying there, unable to move.

As she entered, Deborah acknowledged, “I have no power to help this person recover. It is God, the Creator of the man and woman and everything on this earth, who has power. If he is healed, it will be the power of God and His will.” She bowed her head and prayed. Then she mixed two tablespoons of charcoal powder with water and poured it into Simeon’s mouth. She waited ten minutes and repeated the process. She continued to do this until she had used up all the powder in the little packet. Simeon vomited again and again until it seemed there was no more poison in his system. After a couple of hours, he could talk, and the family was very surprised to see him getting better!

Despite the joy inside the house, there was a great commotion outside. Some of the family members thought Simeon should go to the hospital. Others disagreed because it was a five-hour drive and Simeon could die along the way. Some said he shouldn’t go because he was already getting better, and they believed that God, the Great Healer, had already cured him.

However, the family who thought he should go to the hospital had already hired a car to take him there. One of Simeon’s sisters thought Deborah should follow them to the hospital. But because she had two patients still at her house, she couldn’t go.

Finally, the car left with Simeon. Upon arriving at the hospital, to everyone’s surprise, the doctor said there was no need to give him any treatment. Simeon remained there for two days for observation. This was a testimony of the power of prayer and the use of simple means to bring about supernatural results. Praise God for His greatness and goodness! His mercy endureth forever. The Almighty God, the Great Physician was with this faithful medical missionary, Deborah.  He continues to work through her as she helps many mothers deliver their babies each month and as she cares for people’s medical needs through water treatments, massage therapy, and prayer. In all her work, she is spreading the news that Jesus, the Balm of Gilead, is in their midst.