Conquering Dragons

One night, Thavan Phat woke up abruptly to the cries of her youngest child. Feeling his burning head, she panicked for a brief moment, not knowing where to turn. She wept in the darkness bitterly, thinking she would lose her precious child forever. Then she remembered the Bible story ASAP Church Planter Doung Bopha shared of the lady whom Jesus healed after bleeding for twelve years. As she wiped down her son’s sweaty body with a towel, she prayed, “God, I know you have the same power you showed in the Bible. Please heal my boy if it is your will.” After praying that simple prayer, a peace fell on them both and they were able to go back to sleep. The next morning her child was completely well. She joyfully thanked God for working this miracle and with an increased faith in His power, she asked Him to help her find just enough recyclables on the streets that day so she would have enough Riel to buy rice to feed her family that day.

She sifted through the trash for hours but found nothing. “Lord, I am going to look for half an hour more. Please come through for me,” she prayed. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a big black bag. She opened it up and to her surprise it was full of wedding cards. She carefully checked each card, and towards the end of the pile, found one with 100,000 Riels ($25.00). She shouted, “Thank you Jesus for blessing me and hearing my prayer. My God is so great!” Thavan often tells this story to others to encourage them that Jesus hears us and has many different ways to help His people.