God Had Answered Her Prayer

My name is Chhoem Sarom. I am a 55-year-old woman. My son’s name is Oeng Sokha, age 13.

Before I believed in God, I faced many difficulties in my life. I was poor and homeless. I tried to survive by selling water greens that I would gather from a nearby lake. Sometimes I was so sick that I couldn’t even get up, and I felt that I wanted to kill myself [because I had AIDS].

One day I managed to get up and walk to the lake to pick water greens and other vegetables to sell to buy some food to eat with my son. As I was stooping over and picking the greens, I happened to turn my head and noticed that a lady was stopping to see me. I walked out from the lake and went over to her. She asked, “Did you find very many vegetables today?” I said, “No, because too many people have been here picking already. I have only about two kilograms. If I sell them, I’ll probably be paid about fifty cents.” She invited me to sit under a tree and told me about God. She opened the Bible to show me about God’s love and how He will always care for those who follow and trust Him and pray to Him. When we ask Him, He will answer and provide what we need for each day.

I listened to her, but my heart didn’t accept what she said. When she finished talking to me, she asked me to pray with her, so I bowed down like she did. She prayed for me like this: “O Lord, please forgive Chhoem Sarom’s sins, and please provide food for her and her son.” Then she said good-bye. Her name was Seng Sopheak.

I went to the lake again and walked out a little deeper into the water. Wow! I saw water greens and other vegetables that no one else had come to pick yet. I picked them quickly – a total of about 7 kilograms. I thought, “This has happened because that lady just prayed that little prayer for me.”

The next day I needed to go to meet her and tell her about what happened after she prayed. I was eager to tell her I will worship her God with her. From that day on, I have accepted Jesus as my Savior. Later, God blessed me by calling me to stay with Seng Sopheak at the Sda Center.

God is great. If I didn’t have Him, my son and I would still be facing our former troubles, and then I would die forever. But now, by God’s love, He helps me with food to eat and a place to stay, thanks to the ASAP organization. I thank God so much that He always pities and helps us. I am also thankful to ASAP and pray for them to have good health and strength for spreading the good news by helping poor people like my son and me.

-Chhoem Sarom