Grandma Somkeet's Priceless Gift

By Julia O'Carey

What is the best gift you could ever get? What is the best gift you could ever give? I went to an ASAP church plant in Thailand and met a little grandma named Somkeet. She told me her story about a special gift.

One day a lady named Miss Oh stopped by Grandma Somkeet’s house and gave her a tract. Somkeet could not read or write. Miss Oh smiled. “I will read it to you,” she said. Somkeet loved her smile. She loved her kindness. She loved the story she heard about Jesus.

Grandma Somkeet could hardly walk because she had a stroke. She was so happy when Miss Oh came back to visit her again the next week and the next. She loved learning about Jesus’ love for the sick and His power to heal. Could Jesus help her?

The next time Miss Oh came, she brought a special gift. It was wrapped beautifully! What do you think was inside? It was a beautiful Bible! Even though Somkeet could hardly read a word in it, she held it close to her chest and carried it every where she went.

One day her precious Bible disappeared. She asked the nine other family members if they saw it. Her husband’s friend overheard. He laughed and said, “I think your husband burned it up when he was drunk the other night.” Grandma Somkeet cried. She loved her precious gift.

Miss Oh decided it was time to bring Somkeet to church. But how could she get up the steep steps? ASAP Church Planter, Pastor Ruangwit, picked Grandma up and carried her! At church she met many friendly people. As they read from the Bible she soaked up the beautiful words. During prayer time, the little group circled around her and prayed for her to be healed so she could walk again. What was Somkeet praying for? Another Bible.

When I heard her story, a little voice in my head said, “Give her your Bible, Julia!” I thought, “I don’t know if I want to. She can’t read it.” I asked her anyway, “Grandma Somkeet, would you like my Bible?” A bright smile flashed over her face and she nodded her head. I handed her my little pocket Bible and she held it close to her heart.

When I left the church, I kept thinking of Grandma Somkeet. How could we make it so she could hear God’s Word? I told my missionary friend, Mike Kier. He said, “Wow! I felt impressed to put a megavoice in my car this morning thinking someone might need it.” A megavoice is a solar-powered audio player with the Bible and Steps to Christ in Thai on it.

“Would you like to give it to Grandma Somkeet?” he asked. Of course I would! You should have seen the look of joy and surprise on her face when she first heard those beautiful words from that little black box. Jesus knew what Grandma needed. He made it possible for her to have the best gift ever, His Words of Life.

Would you like to share God’s Word with someone today? God will give you opportunities to share. Could you share a verse you memorized with someone who needs encouragement? You can read the Bible to an elderly person. You can give Bibles in different languages where you live. You can even send money to ASAP so we can share more Bibles to Buddhists in Asia and more megavoice players to those who can’t read.