If My People Pray

ASAP Ministries and Path 2 Prayer Ministries hosted ten days of prayer for missions, local ministries and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Each night they were joined by church members and ministry leaders from the Berrien Springs, Michigan, area, including representatives from Your Story Hour, Adventist World Aviation, Adventist Frontier Missions, Reach International and Simple Updates.com.

Although the group shared inspirational thoughts and stories, and heard from different ministries each night, they spent the majority of the time in prayer. “I felt that it was really important to spend more time actually praying rather than just listening to a speaker,” says Martin Kim, ASAP’s communications director and organizer of the event. “Dan Augsburger shared my feelings, especially with regards to bringing together ministry leaders, so he partnered with us in organizing these ten days of prayer.”

 “I was really blessed by the sincerity, the depth of spirituality and camaraderie, and the Holy Sprit’s presence in these meetings,” says June Burn, who attended with her husband Walter. Together they saw God’s answers to prayer in the life of their daughter’s family. “Our grandson is autistic and doesn’t speak, but this past week when our daughter woke him up one morning, he said to her, ‘Hello Mommy, how are you?’ That was a personal miracle,” Walter says.

 “ASAP had been planning a project to spread the gospel amongst poor women in South East Asia, but had only raised half of the necessary funds,” says Julia O’Carey. “During the ten days of prayer, God put everything in place, with perfect timing, for this project to start in the next few months.”

Other answers to prayer the group saw included the finding of a mislaid passport in time for an important trip, greater personal peace and new applicants to serve with various ministries.

“It is such a blessing to see God work,” concludes Kim. “God will have a people at the end of time who pray for and receive His Holy Spirit. If we are serious about finishing the work, prayer is not an option.”

-Lynette Allcock