The Joy of Giving

Our connection with ASAP started when thousands of Cambodians fled to Thailand in 1980, we noticed how a quiet young nurse named Judy Aitken entered the camps and organized the work of teaching the refugees about Jesus. Great numbers were baptized and became leaders of camp churches. When the refugees returned to Cambodia or were resettled in other countries, Judy’s support for these companies of new believers all over the world developed into Adventist Southeast Asia Projects, now ASAP Ministries, the organization we love and serve today. Gradually the ministry spread to Laos, Thailand, Burma, and beyond. Naturally Ralph and I were happy to serve on the board of ASAP for a number of years.

It has been inspiring to hear of God’s miracle-working power in the countries where we served in the past and we find great joy in helping any way we can, through our prayers, through helping to train missionaries in the past, and now through a charitable gift annuity. 

The work of ASAP is bathed in prayer. To be a part of this praying, faith ministry, to help match the need with the funds God has entrusted to us, and to receive reports of the growth of the Lord’s work in Southeast Asia, is a soul-stirring experience. It has deepened our love for God and commitment to serve Him.