More Than a Blessing


Recently, I interviewed one of our many wonderful partners in ministry, Alison, about the creative ways her family shares their faith and supports God’s work through ASAP. Alison asked us not to use her last name. She wants all the glory to go to God.

Laura: How did you first learn about ASAP?

Alison: At a GYC conference. My husband and I were impressed with the dedication of ASAP national missionaries and the emphasis on combining health work with evangelism. We have supported ASAP ever since.

Laura: Your support has taken you on an interesting journey. I hear you have a few blueberries.

Alison: Yes, 2,000 pounds each year! Three years ago, we bought some property previously operated as a U-pick berry farm. Instead of reopening the farm, we decided to give the berries away. Pickers are asked to donate a certain price per pound toward ASAP Feed and Read schools. Most patrons give the suggested donation. Some pay more. Others take what they need for free. This way our community and Feed and Read schools receive a blessing.

Laura: What an awesome idea!

Alison: It wasn’t our doing. The Lord led in all the events leading to purchase of the property. We felt the blueberries belonged to Him.

Laura: What other outreach opportunities have opened for you?

Alison: Our friend, Lareda Neves, operates a ministry facilitating the sale of Christ’s Object Lessons as a fundraiser for Christian education. Each of my children chose their own ASAP education project to support. We spend two hours per week taking the children door to door in our neighborhood. Using an info card to explain their ASAP projects, the children ask for a $20 donation for each book. Some people give more, some donate without taking a book. We give everyone a free Our Little Friend or Signs of the Times magazine. Like the blueberries, this method blesses our community and ASAP.

Laura:  You must be really brave to go door to door!

Alison: NO! Truthfully, I resist going every time! We always receive a blessing that outweighs the fear. One person who saw our book said, “I’ve been praying for something like this!” When we pray, we see the Lord’s leading in each encounter and it has made my children more instant in prayer. Now two other mothers in our congregation plan to bring their children canvassing with us.

Laura: What advice do you have for others who want to get involved in outreach like this?

Alison: I won’t lie, it isn’t always easy. Pray through the discouragements and see what the Lord will do for you. You will receive MORE than a blessing.

If you would like Christ’s Object Lessons for your education fundraiser, you may contact Lareda Neves at