Special Boxes

“Hi! I’m Charis and this is my litter sister, Caia. One day our daddy came home with a big bag from the craft store. He had a surprise for us and we love surprises! He pulled out eight little wooden boxes and two bigger ones and said, “These are going to be your banks. One for tithe, one for donations, one for spending and one for saving!” We felt excited. He told us that every time we get money we need to split it up and put a little in each box, actually 10 % for tithe, 30% to give, 30% to save and 30% to spend. At first we didn’t get it, but we are learning. Every time we get paid our allowance and when family members give us money we run to Mommy or Daddy and ask them to help us sort it out.

At worship one night, Daddy read us a sad story about a girl in a faraway country. Caia and I both said, “ASAP, we want to give our money to ASAP!” We counted the money in our “Give Bank” and it came to $46.25! This was from saving for four months. It was fun to see how much we could give.