Struggling With Clinical Depression

The following letter was sent by one of our donors:

Dear Sister,

Thank you for your kindly and inspiring email and for sharing your story.  I would like to share one with you, too.  Believers’ prayers are powerful!

A few weeks ago I was feeling so downtrodden and depressed that each night I would hope that the Lord would take me and that I wouldn’t wake up the next morning.  Deeply in my spirit I was still praising and thanking God, but through such pain from circumstances, I was enveloped in a kind of inertia and I was unable to function normally on a day-to-day basis.

The mornings are difficult for me because I am bound by clinical depression, so it was unusual that one morning I woke up with the inertia gone, and clear thoughts in my head about some steps I could take to try and ease some of the financial pressure I am under.  I have friends who are non believers, but I shared with them that I ‘knew’ that ‘someone’ had been praying for me because of this sudden and uncharacteristic change in my thinking and the sudden disappearance of the inertia that had been swamping me for months.

Time passed and it wasn’t mentioned again, but then your email came, letting me know that ASAP has been praying for me.  NOW I knew who it was!!  I was so happy to share this news with my friends.  They had rolled their eyes when I first said that I ‘knew’ some unknown person or persons were praying for me.  Now it was confirmed, Praise the Lord!

I am still facing huge challenges, financially, emotionally and physically, but “all is well with my soul” praise God.

Thank you so much!  Please pass on my testimony to those who have been praying.

Blessings and Sisterly Love,
Beverley Manners