Ten Days of Prayer Answers

By Ngai Cin

Our growing church plant in Grand Rapids, Michigan decided to have ten days of prayer in January. We are from the Zomi tribe in Myanmar. We went from house to house meeting from 7–8 p.m. every evening. We prayed for each other’s needs and requests from the world church. I really think everyone was touched by the Holy Spirit. Here is what God did to answer our prayers.

Our Zomi group urgently needed a place to worship. On the ninth day of prayer, our elder and youth leader went out searching, stopping at every church they found. At the seventh stop, they came to Wyoming Park United Methodist Church. The Holy Spirit touched the pastor’s heart and he accepted our request to pay a low amount of $50/day to rent the church right on the spot!

Our friend Aui Zam Cin has been waiting to get the approval for her green card for more than a year after the normal processing time. On the 8th day of the 10 days of prayer, she received the approval letter in the mail!

Cing Hoih Neih (Ho Ho) has been suffering from pain in her right hand and right knee. She wasn’t even able to take care of her two children. At the Friday vespers service, she shared a testimony with the group. God healed her! She said, “Prayer is so powerful when we pray in unity!”

Unfortunately, I was in a car accident four months ago. My church joined in praying for a decent car on a very small budget. The whole group prayed wholeheartedly. Just a few days after the end of the 10 days of prayer, God provided a car for ministry through ASAP Ministries.

We praise God for hearing and answering our prayers no matter how unworthy we are. We have been abundantly blessed through uniting to pray. It has drawn us closer to Jesus.