ASAP Ministries Featured on 3ABN

ASAP Staff Interviewed on 3ABN Today

Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) recently featured ASAP Ministries on two episodes of 3ABN Today. In August, host John Dinzey interviewed Pr. Scott Griswold, director of the Reach the World Next Door project, and Refugee Ministry Coordinator Bill Wells about ASAP projects ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of refugees and the unreached. Then, in October, 3ABN Vice President Jill Morikone sat down with Executive Director Julia O'Carey and Mission Advancement Officer Pr. Lisa Isensee to discuss ASAP's education projects and its work among persecuted people groups.

Watch both interviews using the links provided below. We pray you'll be inspired as you hear how the gospel is advancing among the poor, the persecuted, the unreached, and refugees of the 10/40 Window!

Watch 3ABN Today Episodes Featuring ASAP Ministries