A Double Answer, A Sign from God


Have you ever asked God for a sign? Sometimes when people are starting to believe something new, they need affirmation that they are on the right track.

This was the case for a young, energetic couple in a closed country. They are active Christians, in charge of youth activities in their church, and they received some interesting DVDs. They watched them right away. On one DVD, the pastor spoke of the Sabbath being on the seventh day. This interested and scared the couple at the same time. “Could this be true?” they asked each other. Finally, they approached their church members about this strange belief. They, too, were praying that God would make it clear if Sabbath was the true day of worship.

The wife, Kim,* was pregnant and right around this time, she gave birth to a precious baby boy. Her joy turned into panic and fear when she realized she couldn’t move her legs. They were totally paralyzed. They rushed her and the baby from her little rural village to the hospital. There, the doctor prescribed some antibiotics and said it should help with her paralysis. She was hopeful, but then another problem cropped up. She thought the medicine may have caused her milk supply to dry up and she was not able to nurse her baby. Her husband, Hinh,* decided to go up to the mountains in search of beehives to harvest some of the honey to sell so that he would have enough money to buy milk for his newborn baby. He prayed as he went, half expecting an answer.

The church had been fasting and praying unitedly for him and his family, as well. The Holy Spirit impressed them to also pray about the Sabbath truth they were studying. On the third day of prayer, the mother could walk again and she was able to produce milk for her baby! Imagine the joy of her husband when he returned from the mountain to discover a healed wife and a happy, well-fed, thriving baby.

This double miracle helped confirm to the couple and the church members that they were on the right path. They believed God had given them this special sign that the seventh day was his true Sabbath. God spoke to them in a beautiful way and the whole church decided to become Seventh-day Adventists after witnessing these miracles!

Here in developed countries like the United States, we do not need as many signs because we have the Bible and many resources to help explain it. Please pray for the seekers in closed countries. Pray that they will find the truth they are looking for and that the Lord will make His beautiful Word clear to them.

*Names have been changed for the safety of the individuals involved.